winbook powerspec 7501 Review

The winbook powerspec 7501 is has been found to be hard. You can find more details about this software here:

positives: vista-friendly core configuration; large 320gb hard drive; windows media center operating system qualifies for free upgrade to windows vista home premium. negatives: paying the $899 price tag requires jumping through a mail-in rebate hoop; competing systems are more attractive and more powerful. facts: if you’re simply looking for a basic pc that will run windows vista, the powerspec 7501 is a good choice, both for its current configuration and for its upgradeability. but this is not exactly the most attractive pc we’ve ever seen, and we’re not fans of mail-in rebate programs. for folks willing to take those lumps, you can find a good deal here.

This product, winbook powerspec 7501 ,would be a prudent purchase if you had the job of precision-lens grinder. 'I dont believe you' – you say. Well, heres the information: sets up and operates grinding and polishing machines to make lenses, optical flats, and other precision optical elements for optical instruments and ophthalmic goods, such as telescopes, aerial cameras, military optical systems, and eyeglasses: operates machine to rough-grind blanks of optical glass to approximate size and shape or manually positions and turns blanks against grinding wheel or lap i. blocks optical element in plaster or other compound. mounts blocked element in machine and operates machine to oscillate and rotate element against abrasive to fine-grind element to final size and shape. periodically stops machine to inspect and measure elements for accuracy and degree of completion. polishes surfaces, using lens-polishing machine [precision-lens polisher (optical goods) 716.682-018]. may cement lens elements together to obtain corrected lens assemblies. may mount optical elements in holders or adapters for use in instruments. may be designated according to type of lens ground as eyeglass-lens grinder (optical goods); instrument-lens grinder (optical goods); multifocal-button grinder (optical goods).

Wouldnt the job precision-lens grinder could be useful to use the winbook powerspec 7501 with? It would be pretty cool to use with it


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